Last week deglutenous had the pleasure of attending a superb food bloggers conference in Adelaide, called Words to Go. Part of the Tasting Australia event it was the first time food bloggers have been involved and the success of the event was a credit to those who put together the wonderful program.

We learnt a lot from the knowledgable speakers and even more from fellow attendees but the biggest surprise was the opportunity to visit some of the wonderful but quietly achieving food producers in Adelaide. As part of the conference we were invited to attend a familiarisation tour of the Campbelltown Food Trail. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the area, it is in the North Eastern suburbs of Adelaide. It is filled to the brim with different cultures, but the Italian influence is distinct. Obviously the most exciting part for us, was the discovery of some pretty darn special local and international gluten free products and we couldn’t go past sharing them with you. Next time you are in Adelaide look up the Campbelltown Food Trail… you are in for a treat or several!

Read on for more detail about the best gluten free pasta in the world, gluten free waffles and churros, gluten free hand made biscuits, traditional northern Indian curries and more...

Java Lifestyle Coffee and Tea

We were very lucky to be treated to a coffee roasting display upon arrival at the store and then Java Lifestyle Coffee and Tea owner, Mario Gabrielli served us delicious coffee. It was a great opportunity to learn more about the roasting process, something even a couple of years behind a coffee machine and years of coffee drinking can’t teach you.

Gluten free fare on the Campbelltown Food Trail, Java


This is a continental deli on steroids! At least that is what it started out as, now it is a gourmet food emporium. The variety is endless, the choices are impossible to make! Sample the meats, cheeses, dips and wines but you will find an huge variety of specialty gluten free products. Italian’s do gluten free best and Mercato owners, the Caporasos are no exception. The must tries are Nutri-Free’s wholemeal pasta (we have been informed by those who can eat gluten that it is better than real pasta), Waferbics gluten free poppy seed crackers and Nougat Limar's cranberry and pistachio nougat.

Gluten free fare on the Campbelltown Food Trail, Mercato


Gluten free heaven. The founder and director of Elbio, Elbio Luis Perez was charismatic and entertaining on our tour of his patisserie production facility. When we walked through two sets of heavy grade clear strip curtains, we didn't realise we were walking into the best thing a gluten free person would see that day. A dedicated gluten free area and in it, a dedicated gluten free baker. See, heaven! We had the pleasure of trying the friands, chocolate cakes and orange slice and it was all delectable. On Sunday in the cafe you can get gluten free waffles and churros. You know where to find us on Sundays!

Gluten free fare on the Campbelltown Food Trail, Elbio

The Kumar’s Indian Cuisine Services

This home based business can provide traditional northern Indian cuisine for any occasion. The Kumar’s have even been known to host special events in their own home, as they so kindly did for us. Our rather large group of bloggers crammed into their perfectly kept home to experience Vinne’s divine cooking. All the curries are gluten free and delicious.

Gluten free fare on the Campbelltown Food Trail, The Kumar's

Salta in Bocca

Known for their delicious almond bread, Salta in Bocca also cater to the gluten free with amazing hand piped croccantini and handmade French macarons. The croccantini are a delicious blend of hazelnut and meringue, they just melt in your mouth. A delightful gluten free treat!

Gluten free fare on the Campbelltown Food Trail, Salta in Bocca

Assaggio Cafe

We finished the tour at Assaggio Cafe where we shared tasting plates. The meatballs in a rich tomato sauce, olives, marinated vegetables and the prawns wrapped in prosciutto were all gluten free and delicious.

Gluten free fare on the Campbelltown Food Trail, Assaggio Cafe
All in all, we were very spoiled on the tour and the attention to detail to ensure the gluten free of the group were catered to was unsurpassable. Highly recommended both for the experience and the new gluten free products to be discovered.

Now some interesting facts about the Campbelltown Food Trail itself;

  • It is the first food trail to be located in an Australian capital city.
  • In the past four years membership has expanded from 9 businesses to 25.
  • The food trail will, in the near future, be included in the school curriculum in Adelaide's eastern suburbs.
  • It is consistently winning tourism and food tourism awards in South Australia, including gold for excellence in SA food tourism in 2013.

You can enquire about a guided tour of the Campbelltown Food Trail (be sure to specify your gluten free requirements and you will be treated very well) or visit the website to find out more and do a self-guided tour.