Gluten free camping you say? What is camping without damper? Well it isn't, so we have produced a few gluten free camping recipes to make sure you can have a gluten free feast. This is camping - gluten free style!

The preparation that is required to successfully live a gluten free lifestyle can be phenomenal. We can compare it to the huge amount of preparation you need to go camping! We strangely (stupidly) decided to put the two together to bring you this post on gluten free camping. It was a big effort to get this trip organised mostly because we only decided we were going two days before (error!) but also because it requires tracking down camping equipment, gaining permission to access the land on which you wish to camp and for this trip it also included planning the menu which looked like this,

Entree: Fresh chilli prawns (sans greens, who needs 'em in the bush?)
Main: Balsamic kangaroo served with coal roasted beets, on a baby spinach, walnut and fetta salad finished with a balsamic reduction
Dessert: White chocolate and macadamia gluten free damper

Anyway, once we were settled in and cooking all the effort was worth it and the rewards paid off!

Campsite preparation

We had to set up the usuals; tent, table, chairs but on this trip the most important thing to get right was the fire. We needed to cook sensational food to share with deglutenous readers. So the steps were

  1. Dig a fire pit. At which point we found our first gluten free food of the day, a witchetty grub. Bush tucker!

Gluten free bush tucker

  1. Rig up the fire stand to boil the billy on (this wasn't required until the morning because we went camping on the hottest day of Spring thus far!).
  2. Chop wood, it was no mean feat, so here there must be an honourable mention to the woodchopper who worked so hard he had five blisters on ONE hand (city boy!).
  3. Light the fire.

Our gluten free camping feast fire

Gluten free campfire cooking

Once we had the fire roaring we then let it calm to some nice searing hot embers and set up the BBQ rack so we could begin cooking our gluten free feast.

We made our lives very easy when it comes to the gluten free entree (and suggest you do too). We marinated the prawns using this recipe the night before we left so all that was required was to skewer them and throw that shrimp on the barbie. A stress free and tasty gluten free camping entree.

Gluten free camping entree of fresh chilli prawns
A bit of gamey meat was a must do on this camping trip, although we didn't hunt the kanagaroo ourselves! Again the marinating can be done the night before you leave following this recipe. We also made the balsamic reduction the night before too. If you are camping for a few days there is no reason why you can't prepare all of this at the campsite but if you want to make your cooking duties less demanding so you can enjoy the great outdoors, just do as we do.

Instead of roasting the beets the traditional way, we wrapped them in tin foil (after peeling) and threw them in the coals like you would do a potato. It was a total trial but we are happy to report that coal cooked beetroot is in fact delicious and super simple.

About 10 mins after the beetroot started roasting we began to cook the kangaroo fillets. They don't need any longer than 15 minutes all up and should still be pink in the middle when you take them off. Wrap them in tin foil and leave them to rest while you prepare the salad.

Gluten free camping main course of balsamic kangaroo on the bbq
To serve, position the salad in the middle of the plate, slice the kangaroo fillets and place on top of the salad. Unwrap the beets and place along side. Use a teaspoon to artfully drizzle the balsamic reduction over the plate.

Now your gluten free kangaroo is ready to enjoy with a glass of full bodied red!

Gluten free camping, main course is served, balsamic kangaroo
Now the gluten free recipe you have all been waiting for! Let us introduce gluten free damper with white chocolate and macadamias. We just prepared this one at the campsite. It was getting dark by then but it isn't too hard to rub butter through flour and stir in the rest of the ingredients by firelight!

We had some tips from an old damper hand (who has never turned out the perfect loaf!) but his advice was reasonable because ours did turn out pretty damn close to perfect. We have adjusted the recipe method to allow for the fact our gluten free damper wasn't as crunchy on the bottom as it was on the top. The trick is to dig a new hole for your damper (not just throw it in the fire where the coals are too hot so you will end up with black on the outside and dough in the middle). Check out the recipe for the deets.

Gluten free camping, macadamia and white chocolate gluten free damper
We can guarantee you that no one will want normal damper again after they have tried gluten free white chocolate and macadamia damper!

The rest of the camping trip

In the morning we had some tea from the billy and bacon and eggs but we were losing the battle with flies so had to pack up very shortly after breakfast. We were able to go walking with a stunning view and managed to snack down on some left over gluten free damper on the way home.

Gluten free camping, the view on our walk
All in all a very successful gluten free camping trip! We even saw some wildlife (the bearded dragon lizards didn't want to hang around for photos so you get a sleepy instead!)

Gluten free camping, the wildlife