This year there have been numerous sketches and rantings highlighting the world of gluten free. Some of them are very funny, such as this take off of Lorde's song Royals which has used the title in reference to the Arnott's Royal biscuit rather than royals in terms of the rich, famous and self indulgent. These lines sum it up nicely...

"And we'll never eat Royals, Royals, they don't work in our gut.
That pesky gluten ain't for us."

It is catching, it is clever and it is funny. Unlike most of the other sketches from the year, which were more forgettable, such as this derogatory, degrading skit from late night American TV which shows the writers have no compassion for those who live with gluten sensitivity or coeliac disease.

But rather than wallow in self celebration of the year that was, we have put together our own contribution to gluten free humour - a gluten free 'dictionary'. There are so many words we have 'made up' or discovered since being gluten free, we put together our own funny dictionary of gluten free words because if you couldn't laugh, you might cry!

The deglutenous gluten free dictionary

glu.ten.ed n.
To unwillingly ingest gluten and suffer the consequences.

glu.ten.ings n.
Plural form of glutened.

de.glu.ten.ise v.
To rid one's self of gluten molecules (related to gluten capable beings wanting to kiss their loved one!).

glu.pan.ic n.
That moment when your heart beats faster as you realise you may have just been glutened.

glusaster n.
Multiple glutenings (see below) in a short time frame.

glutamination n.
Accidental cross-contamination of gluten free food with the potential to result in a glupanic.

glu.tig.nor.ance n.
That unbelievable restaurant/cafe that has no clue what gluten free actually is (but should know better).

glu.plan.a.tion n.
The finely tuned explanation we continually repeat in an effort to educate the uninitiated about coeliac disease.

Of course with a name like deglutenous we had to you probably knew we had that in us! If you have any more to add please look to the comments!

A funny gluten free dictionary