Hors d'oeuvres and canapés can be tricky fare for those who require a gluten free diet but find a good pastry and you are ready to roll, literally!

Today is Melbourne Cup Day in Australia, and Victoria gets a day off but that holiday doesn't extend to the gluten free diet, which is a lifestyle for most of us. So, we got talking to Carême Pastry, a South Australian local company like deglutenous, who have just launched a new range of gluten free pastry. They sent us some samples and we decided to use it to create some gluten free canapés for your next finger food occasion and also in celebration of Melbourne Cup.

Gluten free canapés
The gluten free sour cream short crust pastry was the perfect accompaniment to our gluten free caramelised onion and camembert tartlet and gluten free lamb and pine nut little boats. Although more wet than expected with a little extra gluten free flour it worked into a lovely dough and was fairly simple to roll and shape. The finished product was delicate and flavourful. Carême Pastry have created a wonderful product that gives those living gluten free the convenience of high quality ready made pastry. Something we can assure you is sorely missed when gluten free!

On a finishing note, Melbourne Cup is Australia's best known sporting event so we hope you have a good day, maybe even back a winner but make sure you try these canapés for your next special occasion and serve with (liberal amounts of) champagne!

Gluten free canapés

Thanks to Carême Pastry for the samples.