This gluten free lunch box special has been put together to help inspire some new ideas for your children's lunch boxes. The staple sandwich is still a gluten free option if you can find a gluten free bread that your child likes but more often than not gluten free bread does not a delicious sandwich make. So, we have put together a creative lunch box feature. This week it is sans bread and refined sugars, making it a very healthy, gluten free lunch box to send your child to school with.

Gluten free lunch box ideas, healthy and yummy

Week 1 lunch box contents

  1. Chopped up fruit - simply cut up some of your child's favourite fruits for them to enjoy at recess, a healthy but delicious snack.
  2. Popcorn - we popped our own - flavoured with a little butter - alternatively you could use coconut oil and a little salt to make it dairy free as well.
  3. Chicken and vegetable sticks - We saw this fabulous idea on Gluten Free for Lunchboxes. Simply buy some paddle pop sticks (Spotlight stock them), chop up your child's favourite ingredients, we chose two vegetables, some cheese and cooked chicken breast, and place it on the sticks. We cooked the chicken the evening before, let it cool and then diced it. It was a chicken breast that we seasoned, browned in a frying pan, wrapped in alfoil and baked for 20 minutes. This is the best way to cook chicken as it stays incredibly tender. It is also recommended to only use the freshest of meats in your gluten free lunch boxes, this will avoid any potential food poisoning hazards. Believe us, your child will love the novelty of these lunch sticks, we tested on some munchkins and they thought it was hilarious.
  4. Raw lemon and coconut balls - we created these delicious balls of goodness ourselves. They are sweetened with dates and a delicious healthy treat for your little one. They are so quick to make and much better for them than any processed fruit bar you could buy.

Your child's gluten free lunch box will be the envy of the playground when all the other children see how delicious their recess and lunch fare is!

Gluten free lunch box ideas, healthy and yummy
As it will be warm when school returns make sure you are exercising caution in keeping your child's lunch box clean and cool to avoid giving your child food poisoning. Here are some wonderful tips from the Food Safety Information Council to keep you skilled on providing a safe lunch box for your child.

If you are looking for more lunch box ideas stay tuned for our next edition but in the meantime visit Gluten Free for Lunchboxes.

We wish your little cherub a wonderful school year, filled with fun, laughter and learning and of course, delicious gluten free lunch boxes!