After some more gluten free ideas for lunch boxes? Week 2 of our gluten free lunch box special presents a lunch box that even the parents will be jealous of. Healthy, delicious and simple, it will make your child very happy!

Gluten free lunch box ideas, healthy and yummy

Week 2 gluten free lunch box contents

  1. Yoghurt with fruit - grate an apple or chop a banana or berries a stir it through yoghurt for a quick improvement on the standard (don't forget to send a spoon). For those with a fussy eater present - a squeezy yoghurt like the one pictured might be the best way to improve the chances of it being eaten!
  2. Carrot and cheese sticks - simple, delicious and healthy, just pick two of your child's favourite healthy foods and cut them into sticks!
  3. Cucumber sushi - to create this gluten free lunchbox treat it is as simple as mixing a small tin of tuna with half a tablespoon of mayonnaise. Slicing a continental cucumber into 2cm high rounds (peeling first if you wish), cutting out the seeds with a small cookie cutter and filling with a slice of avocado and a spoon of tuna mayonnaise mix. It is nearly as simple as a sandwich but more delicious and healthy.
  4. Naturally sweetened carrot and banana muffins - we modified this recipe slightly to remove all traces of nuts. To make it quicker we replaced all flours, gum and the almond meal with 2 cups of standard gluten free plain flour (still add the baking powder unless you use a self raising flour mix). We replaced the walnuts with 1/3 cup of linseed meal. Instead of baking into a cake we separated the mixture into patty pans to make mini muffins and cooked them for 35 minutes. To make them even healthier we didn't put any icing on. Feel free to ice if you want, but we promise they are delicious without. These gluten free carrot and banana muffins are so yummy but sweetened only with dates and bananas, so although they are a treat, there is still plenty of nutritional value there.

We love this edition of our gluten free lunch box special. Not sure about you but we would be more than happy to take it to work ourselves!

If you are looking for more gluten free lunch box ideas stay tuned for our next edition but in the meantime visit Gluten Free for Lunchboxes.