Last weekend we had brunch at the Queen Street Cafe in Croydon. The gluten free bread was so delicious I had to ask where it was from. Low and behold, the Just GF Cafe across the other side of Port Road in Hindmarsh. After our delicious brunch and a look around Queen Street we went to take a look at the Just GF Cafe. Although a little uncertain from across the road by the time we reached the window we could see inside was a heavenly collection of gluten free baked goods.

The Just GF Cafe has many delicious gluten free goods made onsite
As we entered the cafe we were greeted by Sabine who was very welcoming and genuinely happy to meet yet another coeliac. Sabine herself, surprisingly, isn't coeliac but she does have a goal to produce delicious and nutritious food for those people on restrictive diets. She caters to the gluten, lactose and egg intolerant, as well as having an extensive vegan range.

Sabine is Italian, she trained as a chef in Bolonga for five years and quickly saw the benefits in catering for those with gluten intolerance. Sabine decided to migrate to Australia six and a half years ago and started her business in 2010.

We were ecstatic to see the informative posters on the door explaining what coeliac disease is and how to cater to it. We were even more thrilled when we were presented with fresh amaretti biscuits and bread to taste. We walked out with a bag of biscuits and a loaf of bread, as well as a cupcake and muffin for our afternoon tea.

The Just GF Cafe's goods are sold in the Central Markets
Just GF Cafe's baked good are also available at the Central Market's Bread Bar. What a brilliant business Just GF is, helping to make the lives of those with restricted diets better. Thank you Sabine, you truly are a gem!