It is a busy time of year, there is no denying it. We have just discovered how busy Christmas can get - when you are baking for the gluten free world, well the one who follows deglutenous anyway! We hope you have all found some gluten free deliciousness on the site that has inspired you to branch out and expand your gluten free repertoire, even if it is just making an old favourite you didn't have the courage to tackle before; such as these gluten free mince pies or gluten free shortbread you see below!

gluten free fruit mince pies and shortbread
We have spent the past weeks putting together a bunch of delicious gluten free recipes to ensure you have a Christmas feast (and plenty of treats) to remember. The focus on food throughout the festive season is massive, which can leave anyone following a gluten free diet feeling a little left out. If you are new to it you will no doubt feel the fallout of not being able to pop any lolly or biscuit into your mouth. For those people who love food (yep, that is us) this can be depressing, so we recommend facing it head on and baking Christmas goodies for everyone, that you can eat too! While you are there, why not get inventive and challenge the normal family traditions, a premise your more traditional family members mightn't like at first but a sure fire way to impress the rest of the family, with such delectable fare. Why not impress with a gorgeous white chocolate summer slice or apricot and cranberry balls as much more delicious alternatives to white christmas and rum balls respectively... and of course gluten free to boot!

gluten free white chocolate summer slice and apricot and cranberry balls
So far it might appear that all we do is bake but we do love healthy, fresh flavours too. Prawns are one of the favourites at our Christmas lunch and because mangoes have just come into season we put together this Thai inspired green mango and prawn salad. It will make a delicious starter or just a perfect accompaniment to the other salads on the table.

gluten free prawn and green mango salad
Now if you really want to impress you should tackle paté, it really isn't that hard! Our duck liver pate with beetroot jelly is amazing and served as individual canapés looks very spectacular. Now to the Christmas pudding! We thought we had bombarded you with enough gluten free flour filled baking alternatives so we took a new direction with the gluten free Christmas pudding and made ice cream! Perfect for the Australian Christmas weather, this Christmas pudding ice cream is guaranteed to keep the whole family happy!

gluten free duck live pate with beetroot jelly and christmas pudding ice cream
We used all the baked goods we made to decorate our Christmas tree by packaging them up in food grade cellophane bags and decorating with colourful ribbon. The result was gorgeous but it is very hard to resist a tree full of treats.

gluten free fruit mince pies and shortbread
We also tackled an old family favourite, the honey biscuit, but the recipe is still being perfected for gluten free styles. It is one of those recipes that says 'just keep adding flour until you get a workable dough' and we went through every last packet of flour we had to make them! We will keep testing but in the meantime here are the iced result and our finished Christmas tree.

gluten free recipes
So this is deglutenous' first Christmas. The website is in it's infancy but it is growing and so are we (and not just from all the baking). We are learning what you want as the audience, we are adding and building to the site as frequently as we can. We hope you love what you are seeing, reading and fingers crossed cooking and eating but we would also love your feedback in any way possible so please leave comments on the site in the comments section below, Facebook, Twitter or Google+. We are alway curious to hear what you have to say, after all, we made this site to help make the lives of those following a gluten free diet as exciting but straightforward as possible. Also to put forward clear and concise information about being gluten free and having coeliac disease to you and your friends and families. We felt this information was hard to find in one place when we went through the steep learning curve of becoming gluten free.

It has been a wonderful first 6 months and we are thrilled to bring you the great gluten free Christmas hamper giveaway. Make sure you have entered and pass it on to your families and friends.

That said we wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year!

gluten free Christmas