Rasin toast, fruit bread, fruit loaf, they used to be the best after school snack but now we gluten free-ers need an alternative. Luckily Springhill Farm have provided us with one, their gluten free fruit bread mix.

Springhill Farm were kind enough to send a gluten free care package our way before we went to Europe. We had a nightmare of a time trying to retrieve it from the delivery company (we accept full responsibility for being too busy and missing the delivery van, more than once) and in the end had to go and pick it up the day before our departure. At which time they couldn't find the package (after receiving a call from us in the morning and managing to locate it then!) but logistical errors aside... let us bake some gluten free fruit bread.

Gluten free fruit loaf care of Springhill Farm

The preparation

The additional ingredients required are fairly straight forward but yeast was of course the one thing we couldn't raise (no pun intended) from the pantry. A short trip to the supermarket aside, you should have everything else to make the gluten free fruit loaf in the pantry.

The preparation is simple if you have made real bread before, if you haven't you may be a little confused by the fact you let it rise and then beat it back down again but we will get to that! Anyway, you add all the ingredients into a mixer, make sure you put your dough hook on and mix until well combined. It is then left to proof (rise) in a warm spot and then mixed again. This second mixing ensures your bread doesn't rise so much that you have an oven shaped loaf! Slight exaggeration but it will ensure there are no gapping air holes and the texture is smooth. We were amazed at the fact we had found a gluten free bread mix that actually made stretchy dough and not batter, it was simple and did everything it said it would on the packet, you can't ask for anything else. Actually you can, you don't even have to knead it! Just whack it straight in the bread tin.

Gluten free fruit loaf preparation

The bake

We can't fault this process. We followed the prescribed amounts on the packet and wha-laa a golden brown loaf of gluten free fruit bread.

The taste test

Hmmm, best gluten free bread yet? Nothing beats the straight out of the oven taste of a fresh loaf of bread, when you barely need butter but because you love butter it melts oozing over the bread that is made even more delicious by that slightly unhealthy goodness. Now that we have made your mouths water, and before our hips decide they need to go for a run after consuming so much of this mooreish gluten free bread, we had better get down to business.

For those of you who aren't fans of some of the 'fruit' used in fruit bread (ugh not peel!) this one is purely dried fruit mix consisting of sultanas, apricots and raisins. We would say the ratio of bread to fruit is pretty spot on too.

Gluten free fruit loaf preparation
Also, for anyone interested in the gluten free flour alternative used, it consists of maize starch, potato starch, flaxseed flour, psyllium and pea protein, which is apparently the best for recreating the texture of gluten full bread and proven to produce a higher quality gluten free loaf - Springhill Farm ahead of the competition!

Gluten free fruit loaf care of Springhill Farm

The verdict

The packaging says it all in 'the real bread mix' title. It is prepared more like real bread, the consistency and texture is more like real bread (both in dough form and finished product) and it is delicious. You can't ask for more from a gluten free bread mix. 5 out of 5 Springhill Farm, thank you for sharing your product with deglutenous. Oh and it also makes great toast, not that it will last that long!

Gluten free fruit loaf care of Springhill Farm