Life changes a lot when you start a gluten free diet, especially for those who are blind sided by a coeliac disease diagnosis. Take a good look at all of the pros and cons so you can know what to expect or read on to compare to your own experiences. Far be it from us to be pessimists, but we decided to put the problems with being gluten free first, so we could finish on the high of celebrating all the good things about being gluten free!

The pros and cons of being gluten free


  1. Constantly having to bother your generous host to check ingredients and methods used in case there has been accidental cross contamination or unwitting use of an unassuming ingredient that actually contains gluten. You can always pass our guide to catering for a gluten free guest to anyone who is new to it.
  2. Your favourite food is no longer gluten free. Cadbury for example updated their packaging, to the bereavement of many gluten free people out there, to have a may contain gluten clause.
  3. Incessant quizzing of waiting staff every time you eat out to uncover the gluten free options and investigate the kitchen’s preparation practices. Not to mention the constant terror of being ‘glutened’, use this guide to make your dining experience more enjoyable.
  4. Cheese plates and boards are, for the cheese loving gluten free person, a constant battle. Especially if it is served with some gluten free crackers and some normal. Once everyone else has started with the normal crackers it is a no go zone, it is always best to use all gluten free crackers and be sure to check meats etc.
  5. Checking back on your old favourites to see if they have swapped out the wheat starch for maize and always being disappointed.

The pros and cons of being gluten free


  1. Always getting to serve your food first if there is any hint of gluten around.
  2. Being invited to cook your meat first at a BBQ, although it isn't so great if it is cold by the time everyone else's is ready! Check out these BBQ mats to help avoid contamination or use a sheet of baking paper.
  3. Keeping the leftovers of any gluten free foods, especially if it is cake.
  4. The day you taste a really good gluten free bread, such a treat!
  5. Being invited somewhere to find the host has gone out of his/her way to make sure every part of the meal is gluten free. It makes you feel loved that someone took the time to research the best ways to prepare a gluten free meal and look after you.
  6. When you eat out and your lovely partner does all the gluten free questioning for you.
  7. After a small bout of sadness and confusion you realise that cooking is even more fun than it was before because you get to be even more creative. See our recipes.
  8. When you find a delicious gluten free bakery near you.

Having coeliac disease or gluten intolerance doesn't have to be the burden some might perceive it to be. It is certainly a learning experience but it can be a lot of fun creating your own gluten free gourmet deliciousness and the harder parts are easily navigated once you have had a few months practice.

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The pros and cons of being gluten free