As promised here is some advice on popular makeup brands and whether they are gluten free or safe to use when you are gluten free.

Which cosmetics brands are gluten free, Lancome, Clinique, Revlon, Maybelline

Since we wrote an article about how to ensure your beauty products are safe to use when you are gluten free, we have had requests asking for more information about specific brands. So, we have compiled the statements from some popular make up companies, in regards to using gluten in their products. It is the best way to give you the opportunity to judge for yourself as most companies will not say categorically that they are gluten free, as they don’t specifically test their products.

If the brand you seek is not mentioned here, we recommend emailing the company yourself. They are usually very helpful and will be happy to give you information regarding their ingredients and manufacturing processes. It is very few who will promise their product is gluten free though, so using your good judgement, you will be left to decide if you think it is safe, just as we have done below.

Is Clinique gluten free?

‘While a formulation may not contain wheat, oat, barley or rye derivatives, for the benefit of our gluten-sensitive consumers who may have cross-sensitivities, Clinique takes the extra precaution of including corn, rice and soy in our research.

In addressing your concern about gluten, we would like to explain that a vast number of raw materials from many different suppliers and sources are used in the manufacture of Estee Lauder Companies' products. It is therefore not possible for us to fully guarantee that our products are completely free of ingredients that may elicit an allergic response in highly sensitive individuals who react to gluten. For example, it is possible that small amounts of a wheat sourced ingredient may remain on shared manufacturing equipment even after a thorough cleaning. We therefore recommend that you discuss this with your physician, because consumer safety is of utmost concern to us.’

Our verdict: No gluten derivatives but shared facilities, we will leave this one up to you but we have been using Clinique face wash, moisturiser, foundation and powder with a successful recovery (said the biopsy results).

Is Lancome gluten free?

'As a measure of precaution, the L’Oreal group does not use gluten or its gliadin in the composition of any of its cosmetics products. However, despite the many precautions taken to insure the quality of the raw materials, small traces of gliadin can occasionally be found in several non-protein vegetables constituents extracted from wheat, rye, barley, and oat which may be used and therefore present in our range.

To ensure our products are suitable for your use, please consult the product ingredient cards that can be found at all of our cosmetics stands, as well as printed on our product packaging. '

Our verdict: Read the labels carefully.

Is Maybelline gluten free?

‘Thank you for your email. The information we have from our chemist in regards to your query is as per below.

We are pleased to confirm that during the formulation of our products the allergenic component is removed for any natural extracts that may contain gluten, this means that celiacs can use our products.

We would also suggest you check with your medical practitioner for any further information in regards to ingredients.’

Our verdict: Go right ahead but always double check the ingredients.

Is Revlon gluten free?

‘Although gluten is not listed as an individual ingredient in our products, we cannot guarantee that gluten derivatives do not exist. Due to the way cosmetic ingredients are manufactured and transported, we cannot guarantee that our products are 100% gluten free.’

Our verdict: This wording is not filling us with confidence, read labels carefully for other gluten derivatives and proceed with caution.

Personal judgement

Now you can probably see why at the beginning of this article we said you would have to make up your own mind about a lot of these products and brands. Listen to your body, don't hesitate to stop using a product if your body isn't recovering, test yourself by not using a product for a period of time if you think it is causing problems. Finally don't freak out about beauty products too much, with the exception of lip products we don't ingest them on purpose and even then we aren't purposefully eating our lippy! If a product has no gluten containing ingredients in it, then it is doubtful being manufactured on a facility that did use gluten in a product (before it was cleaned, because it would have been) would transfer an amount big enough into your product to cause an issue for your gluten despising gut!

What do I ask a cosmetic company when trying to find out if their products are gluten free?

Below is an email you can copy and send to any of the beauty and cosmetic companies you wish to enquire about gluten in their products.

Dear (company),

I am medically required to follow a gluten free diet and as such I want to make sure I reduce any chance of ingesting gluten from sources other than food, namely my beauty products. Can you please let me know if your products are manufactured using any gluten containing ingredients? Are your facilities shared with any brands that do use gluten as an ingredient?

I used the following products now and want to make sure they are still suitable for me to use;

  • (product)
  • (product)
  • (product)

Thank you for your assistance.

(Gluten free newbie)