What does gluten free bread make you miss most about "real" bread? Yes, the spongy, pillowy goodness that is now off limits to us. Perhaps we just answered our own question...the texture. Then, there is the ability to eat it fresh for more than one day, before having to pull out the gluten free toaster or toaster bags. Oh, and what about not being able to buy freshly baked bread close to home or any gluten free bread at a reasonable price. Now, negativity out of the way, we are about to raise the atmosphere with a review of YesYouCan's newly released gluten free white bread mix. This is something you want to see.

YesYouCan white gluten free bread

The preparation

In true YesYouCan fashion, the preparation of this bread is simple. Put the packet mix, two eggs and water in a bowl and mix to instruction. Hard to get it wrong and so speedy, we didn't know any bread, let alone gluten free bread could be so simple. As with all gluten free bread mixes and recipes this does not make a dough, it is a batter, which means it is best made in a loaf. If you want smaller portions use muffin tins or similar to make sure you get the height.

The bake

As per the instructions, we covered the bread with tin foil for the first part of baking and removed it for the final 15 minutes and it worked a treat. It was an incredibly simple bake and the bread came out with a gorgeous golden crust.

The taste test

As you can imagine it took all of our willpower to leave the bread to cool before taking a knife to it. The packet says to cool completely before slicing, but you know it didn't! Fresh, warm gluten free bread, with a little butter is too hard to resist. Plus, now we can report that even when warm, the bread sliced very well.

The colour of the bread isn't bright white, not that we are bothered by that in the slightest. The taste is brilliant, you don't get an overpowering flavour of any of the gluten free flours used, this is probably down to the fact there are so many used to get the perfect texture and for those of you who are interested, hi-maize is also used in the flour mix, for that added dietary fibre.

YesYouCan white gluten free bread

The verdict

A very tasty gluten free bread and where it really wins is that it actually lasts for a few days as bread, before you need to start toasting it. Nutritionally it is on par with most gluten free breads, although the sodium is in the high range for those needing to watch salt intake.

If you are a regular deglutenous follower you will know we are fans of the ease of baking with YesYouCan. The mixes are a brilliant fall back to have in the pantry and they are perfect for kids (or adults) who want to learn to bake and require gluten free baked goods.

We have also posted articles about YesYouCan's gluten free banana bread and gluten free buttermilk pancakes. You can explore YesYouCan's gluten free products online, including a multigrain gluten free bread mix as an alternative to the white gluten free bread or find them in specialty stores around Australia. YesYouCan are a family owned company based in Sydney.

YesYouCan white gluten free bread
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