If you are interested in advertising with us, having your product reviewed, running a gluten free competition, forming a partnership or you are about to launch a new gluten free product please get in contact. We are also imaginative, so if you aren't sure quite what you want, just send us a line and we will get creative, gluten free style!

The future

We love what we do and believe there is truly a need for a good gluten free resource; one that is unbiased, more than just a blog, rich with useful resources, inclusive of everyone’s experiences and proactive in promoting a healthy gluten free community. We have seen some fantastic growth and now we need to take deglutenous to the next level, to enable us to continue spending such a large amount of time on it. We plan to extend the types of content we offer to include geo-location of gluten free food availability, reviews of products and restaurants and a mobile app.

Working together

To achieve all this we need to build greater relationships with you, the gluten free brands. We don’t want to just advertise any product or service on our site, we want it to be targeted and useful to our gluten free audience. Which is also the perfect platform for you to reach your potential customers. We want to do in-depth work with your products through sponsorship and would be happy to run competitions for you. We can wrap up all of our services for product launches to ensure you get maximum exposure in the gluten free community.

As you can see we are growing at a fierce rate and have a passion for the industry. Now would be the perfect time for us to build a partnership that will be long lasting and prosperous. Especially as we embark on many exciting projects to extend our reach beyond the website.

If you're interested, please get in contact so we can chat.