This brown rice and roast pumpkin salad has a creamy texture you wouldn't expect. It is a combination of the pumpkin and parmesan cheese being mixed with the warm rice. This salad is gluten free but it is also incredibly easy, filling and tasty.

We created this salad series to inspire you to make delicious gluten free salads and not settle for boring iceberg lunches. This salad is no exception.

gluten free brown rice and pumpkin salad

Preparation time
25 minutes
Cooking time
30 minutes


  • 500g pumpkin, peeled and chopped into bit sized pieces
  • 1 tbs olive oil
  • 1 cup brown rice
  • 2 cups water
  • 1 tsp chicken or vegetable stock powder
  • 100g baby spinach
  • 50g parmesan cheese, finely grated
  • 25g pine nuts, lightly toasted
  • salt and pepper, to season

gluten free brown rice and pumpkin salad


Preheat oven to 180°C.

  1. Place the pumpkin on an oven tray, drizzle with the olive oil and season with salt and pepper. Roast for 20 minutes or until soft.
  2. Cook the brown rice as you would standard rice but add a teaspoon of stock powder to the water. We use a rice cooker and put 2 cups of water in. It turns out just right.
  3. When the rice is cooked and still warm, place it in a mixing bowl with the pumpkin, spinach, parmesan and season to taste.
  4. Transfer into a serving bowl and garnish with the pine nuts.

When this brown rice and roast pumpkin salad is still warm it is a little like a brown rice risotto. You can serve it warm if you like but it is equally delicious cold and will keep well in the fridge.

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gluten free brown rice and pumpkin salad